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About Groupayd

Groupayd is a revolutionary platform enabling communities and neighborhood-based hiring of high-quality independent household cleaning professionals. Groupayd instantly geo-localizes and matches customers with top-notch and background-checked cleaning professionals in neighborhoods all around the world. With a speedy booking process, Groupayd is the smartest, most affordable way to hire home cleaning services


Transform household cleaning services by affording communities and neighbors the opportunity to come together and hire tailored cleaning service at affordable rates while creating sustainable earning potential for cleaning professionals and their families.

Our Core Values

At the center of Groupayd services is the trust that our cleaning professional earned with families that they serve. As neighbors entrust us with identifying top-notch cleaning professional, we also rely on a network of trusted professionals who go through a screening and background check process. Helping families keep their home clean most days of the year is paramount to everything we do. We will strive to provide high quality cleaning service all the time and make sure that you are happy with the level of service.

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